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What is Semi-Permanent Cosmetic used for? | What is It and How Does It Work?

If your goal is to enhance your appearance but still look natural Semi Permanent Make-up can be a good idea for you because there is no need to be spending 10-20 and even thirty minutes every morning enhancing your appearance by applying regular Make-up.

Who will be able to help you with this problem?

Make Blink Studio in Dublin has the answer to ALL your questions about SPMU treatments; with 20 years of experience, we observed loads of trends in the beauty industry, but more than following trends, we will choose each treatment and technique based on each client’s style and unique features, because we don’t believe that one size fits us all!

Make Blink is located At the top of Grafton Street in front of Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, and we have the solution for sparse, thin eyebrows, or even if you over-plucked your brows as most people did, get influenced by 90’s trends… The constant over-plucking is one of the most common causes of thin shapeless brows. Still, people can also suffer from it due to the natural aging process and hormones, stress, post-chemo treatments, or even Trichotillomania, also known as trich, which is when someone cannot resist the urge to pull out their hair. Changes in getting thinner brows is
The lack of volume and definition on the brows may drive you to buy Make -Up products to fill your brows in, but losing the brows after washing the face or after a swim can be very frustrating… not to mention the time and money wasted every day. Even buying the best Makeup products is hard to create a good brow shape when you rush for work, school, taking care of the kids, etc… but hopefully, you are here reading this article! So Relax. We will be able to help with your eyebrows Problems. Our Permanent Makeup team In Dublin at Make Blink Studio is waiting for you!
Whether it is your first treatment or if you need to correct an old PMU treatment, we can help! We use exclusive techniques developed by the founder of Make Blink Juliana Peixoto that are not harmful to the skin and do not cause scars or unwanted residual colors; after a few years, your treatment will just become a lighter a version of the original color and shape.
The techniques are still a form of tattooing, but the difference is that for cosmetic purposes, we implant pigment with Medical Grade Needles in a superficial dermal layer of the skin utilizing
dermatologically tested mineral and organic inks Vegan and 100% cruelty-Free! Products make it as safe as possible. We will produce lasting results that complement the volume you need for your brows, respecting your skin tone and personal style.
Make Blink employs all-natural organic and Inorganic mineral pigments for excellent, lasting, long-lasting results. The professionals are trained to study the client’s face shape by doing facial and muscular Measurements to help you to correct those uneven brows or camouflage facial imperfections with our exclusive visage mapping method. We will select the right shape/design to emphasize your best features to enhance your appearance.
Based on the name, the common term is Permanent Make-up, but it is SEMI -PERMANENT because it won’t last forever like regular tattoos, and it will fade over time; however, for most customers, semi-permanent cosmetics last between 12 to 24 months, depending on the skin type, lifestyle, and some external factors. To keep them fresh, we advise an extra boost in color once a year to ensure you keep your results and help the SPMU to last longer so that you enjoy the benefits of your semi-permanent makeup with no worries.
Are you looking to improve your appearance to get more confident and achieve the brows, eyes, or lips you have always dreamed of? Or even get rid of that unwanted scar or stretch mark?
Contact us today with us about our Blink Semi-Permanent treatments
and learn more about our services. Semi-permanent makeup for flawless eyes, eyebrows, and lips throughout the day?
The most desired popular beauty treatments nowadays are Semi-permanent Make-up
and how they change your features! These treatments can even give you better results to help you to enhance your appearance and help you to look younger than Botox and fillers; the clients say one of the most popular treatments in SPMU brows in Dublin in terms of popularity, people often refer to these treatments as Microblading, Phi brows,
Powder Brows. Only some people know the differences between the techniques and the best indication of your skin type and personal style. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right Studio to proceed with the treatment to get the maximum benefits to suit your individual needs. The professionals will advise you accordingly, and you will avoid future problems with your SPMU treatments; that’s why here at Make. Blink Studio, we have developed techniques that we call “Blink Essential Brows,” “Blink Volume Brows,” “Blink Natural Volume,” and “Brazilian Volume Brows” because here we know that the old copy and paste style is not for us and it is not for you because you are unique.
If you want a 5-star experience and a tailored facial harmonization plan, you will be in the right place! We even got featured in The NYC journal about our client’s experience at MAKE BLINK bubbles, and specialty coffee selection is the minimum standard here! Not to mention our exclusive Make Blink aftercare kits and products!
Are your eyebrows too thin?
Do you desire more voluminous eyebrows? Do you want perfect eyeliner or lash enhancement throughout the month or year without wasting time applying makeup
every morning? What about a juicy rose or pinkish lip blushing without applying lipstick?
If it sounds too good to be true, then you probably need to be aware of the magic semi-permanent make-up treatments we offer at Make Blink Studio Academy.
How do we do SPMU treatments?
Semi-permanent makeup involves the implantation of pigments on the superficial dermal layer of the skin layer with medical-grade needles. The procedures are also known as micro-pigmentation, Permanent tattooing, and Dermo pigmentation. The treatments can last between 18 and 24 months!
Juliana Peixoto tells us that many people choose to get Semi-Permanent Make-Up not only to facilitate their lives but also to help them get more confident at all times.
At Make Blink, we talk about beauty with a light approach because it is not about comparing yourself with someone else but about creating a better version of your beauty. After all, no one they should tell you the way you should look; here at Make Blink, we work with you, and together we will come up with a plan to enhance your best features or mauve hiding something you don’t like such an old scar you’re tired to look at … after all, we all like to feel beautiful regardless our culture and beauty standards, adorning ourselves is also part of the human culture and socialization process.
What should I get Semi-Permanent makeup done?
Simple answer you will be happier and more confident! As a bonus, you will save your precious time and money Semi-permanent and as I always say… we cannot buy five years of life in the Supermarket… I Will help you to free up some time to enjoy as myself and Make Blink Mission says: Enjoy The big LITTLE things in life” and feel confident in your skin regardless of trends or beauty stereotypes, I will help you to find your best version.
Juliana, is it like a tattoo?
-Yes and no… Yes, because we will use needles and ink but compared with tattoos the needles and the ink that we call pigments to pass through a different grinding process shaping the pigment particles much smaller than regular tattoo inks, it helps the pigment to fade naturally, allowing you to reshape, remove or let it disappear if desired; they also don’t shine on the skin like a regular tattoo inks would; In the case of tattoos, the ink is injected deeply into the skin with PERMANENT INK, and because their composition is different, it will never disappear unless you remove it with a laser, but depending on the Color sometimes, not even the laser will remove 100%; therefore, the big difference with the Make Blink Semi-permanent makeup, the pigment injected into the superficial dermal layer of the skin. " We use vegan and cruelty-free organic, and mineral pigments o perform our treatments, which can take 1 hour and a half to 3 hours. Up to 4 hours for medical tattooing treatments such as Scalp pigmentation or scar camouflage.
We will blend the colors with a tailored mixture of pigments that can be mineral and organic color according to each skin phototype, whether you have very fair skin or higher melanin for black and Asian tones. We will warm-up or cool down according to your phototype and needs and create a color that will match o your skin and hair shades. The primary goal of semi-permanent cosmetics to enhance the features of your face but at a level that appears completely natural. Juliana and her crew from Make Blink will help and put you at ease, advising you with what will suit your needs, but you need to take into consideration that If you sweat frequently or use chemical peels, anti-aging products, then the semi-permanent makeup could be less effective, but we can always advise you on the best technique to last longer on your skin.
After all, What is Micro-blading, Phi-Brows?
Microblading or micro-blading or Phi-brows is the popular name and term for a treatment that uses a manual hand piece that the professionals attach a “blade” (a set of needles forming a U or Slope shape); it is made manually with no use of any machine just the hand of the professional this method was inspired by the Japanese Tebori (手彫り) the traditional hand tattooing. Many artists praise its ability to create a subtle tone that is difficult to achieve with a machine. It comes from the meaning; of hand, and hori or hour, means to carve, sculpt or inscribe.7 (Apr 2009 tattoo manual style called Tebori ability) source link (手彫り-traditional-japanese-tattoo-technique-traditional-jJapanese-tattoo) It can deliver excellent results, but the professional has to have the ability to perform the treatments since it is the most dangerous method to generate scars. Especially for high melanin or Asian skin types.
A traditional Teborist (hand tattooing artist) may take many years of practice
, anywhere between 10 to 25 years. But most PMU Courses will offer two days of training, so the price you will pay for a handmade treatment will depend on the professional skills, time of practice, ability, and quality of the materials. That’s why the prices can vary dramatically depending on the artist. It is like comparing a handmade design bag and a massive production of bags in a cheap shop. Quality and exclusivity commonly will coat more Here at make blink, our Elite professionals will have to have at least three years of practice on fake skin and live skin models under Master supervision.
Juliana Peixoto is an ambassador and Master trainer from Make Blink and Kwadron
with 20 years of experience In the Beauty Industry. Quality is our highest priority, which explains our high levels of returning clients and 5-star reviews. It is not only about the treatment; it is about the experience from start to post-treatment. It is all about paying attention to details and investing in higher quality products, upskilling
training to guarantee we will always be up to the standards with the newest and hottest novelties of the PMU Industry.”
We have all been there: investing a lot of time and money on makeup items, but then they fall off your face hours later. Microblading Brows Dublin or Phi Brows can be a semi-permanent type of tattooing your eyebrows. If you don’t want to waste your time drawing your eyebrows every day with eyebrows, you should not wait any longer. Make Blink has the solution by using “micro-blading” to create beautiful nano hair strokes that will volumize your brows naturally, and we will create your dream eyebrows exactly how you'd like them to be. Instead of a tattoo gun micro-blading, this method will utilize “acupuncture-like” needles. We will manually create delicate hair strokes with our exclusive nano blades implanting pigment into the skin without the risk of developing scars.
Although the names sound alike, micro-blading and micro-shading/ powder brows are two completely distinct concepts. Both are types of semi- permanent HD Brows Permanent Makeup Specialist in Dublin Make Blink Studio Academy is a place that will guide you through the best choice of micro-blading and powder brows since we can achieve significant differences. Blink Essential is a Micro-blading treatment that will look incredibly natural, and we will create precise hair strokes with a manual handpiece while micro shading, we will create a micro-pixelated effect for a softer powdered look, like using brow powder as opposed to powder brows. Will define more and last longer than Microblading specifically for oily skin types; therefore, Micro-blading Brows look like hair-like strokes on your eyebrows, it is better for normal-dry or combination skin type. With Blink Essential, we will create hair stroke patterns to add volume to thin brows, while the Powder Brows effect is made using a microneedle in micro dots (micro pixels) with the higher definition, we can create a subtle finish for both techniques, we just need to decide your goals to choose the best option analyzing your skin, we will help you with this decision.
What are the different types of micro-blading techniques employed by Make Blink?
At Make Blink, We offer four types of methods:

  • Blink Volume (Micro-shading Machine work) This is the simplest kind of eyebrow tattooing. It's just filling your eyebrows, usually creating the appearance where you fill in your eyebrows with a pencil made of kohl.
  • Blink Essential (Hair strokes with Manual technique) Microblading: This is by far the most well-known method of tattooing brows. Hair-like strokes are made using tiny needles, which creates the appearance of more brows.
  • Powder Brows: This particular type of Powder Brows Treatment Dublin is available exclusively at Make Blink. This method employs micro-shading and micro-blading to create luscious, thick, and natural-looking eyebrows.
  • Blink Hybrid Brows / Bold Brows (Hair strokes & Powder) Machine work and Manual work with the handpiece Hair strokes and shading, it is a combined technique in that we will combine hair strokes and micro-pixels
Who is a great person to be a candidate for Micro-blading?
Make Blink experts can give you the look of naturally full brows for any skin tone and with any shade. If you have lost your brows because of hypothyroidism or alopecia, chemotherapy, stress, trichotillomania, etc. Generally, it is still possible to opt to have our procedure respecting your doctor’s advice. Microblading and Powder Brows are gradually replacing brow pencils in the the same way that the removal of hair by laser has completely replaced waxing methods.
How long will Microblading last?
The time frame for micro-blading is usually with the less invasive techniques is anywhere from 8 months to 1 year and a half, depending on the type of skin you have; however, people are recommended to come back for a touch-up after the first session after 30 to 45 days, after the two seasons’ annual top-ups are required to maintain and refresh the shape and color. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation; you can do it virtually or in person.
We are looking forward to helping you.