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Training will be available LIVE in-person and or  online

If you would like more information, please email us at or enroll at the button below. Courses Languages English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Among so many Course offers out there, why should you choose to Make Blink?

Because we want to see you thrive in our community, we are a big crescent industry dominated financially by men when the majority working on the workstations are women. We want to encourage and empower women to succeed and become real leaders in business, getting financial freedom and independence.  We follow high-quality standards in products, customer service, and treatments.  we achieve high rates of customer satisfaction, 99% of 5-star customer rating, and our Carrier Pathway projects. We are the Only PMU Expert Academy to offer more than just eyebrows. You can further get educated with us to provide all the high-end services in Cosmetic tattooing, including medical tattooing.  #Women empowerment programs # events, #social responsibilities programs #charity events

Let’s get to know each other a little better?

The Blink International Academy of PMU was founded by Juliana Peixoto, the owner of Make Blink Studio, with almost two decades of experience in the beauty industry, and is one of the earliest pioneers in Cosmetic Visage tattoo techniques. She exemplifies perseverance and leadership, overcoming difficulties in an abusive relationship, depression, rebuilding her business from scratch in a foreign country. Originally from Brazil, she has worked in Spain, Germany, and Ireland. Stubborn by nature, Juliana is considerably unstoppable, constantly researching and creating the hottest trends in the PMU Industry among extensive scientific research about fields related to PMU and natural/organic/vegan cosmetics.

Make Blink Academy is the only SPMU Center In Ireland to offer personalized courses In the SPMU Field from aesthetics to Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing to disrupt the traditional PMU learning and Beauty Industries. It means that your journey can go far beyond Eyebrows treatments.

We put together the best tutors and artists into the PMU Blink Society In a supportive and thriving environment that will help students move up and stand out internationally and stay connected with the latest PMU News.

Make Blink stays on top of the most current trends in permanent cosmetics. Juliana believes in the importance of continuously expanding skills by researching and developing new techniques worldwide, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her students.  

Conquer your financial freedom with Make Blink Academy

Possibilities to grow

After the course, you will receive the International Make Blink Certificate of attendance.


After six months, If you can demonstrate excellence in your skills can apply for the Make Blink Badge and the possibility to get featured in an artist spotlight on our page and participate in our future competitions. 


How long can a person take to succeed as a PMU Artist?


It can take 1- 6 months to master the new craft. Still, it depends on the time and effort the student will put in after the course; a new skill takes time and dedication like any other profitable skill. Still, I can guarantee that this career will change your life financially and personally because helping people get happier and more confident is PRICELESS.


Possibility to participate in the Blink Affiliated Program and Marketplace and get our Badges and Grow With the Make Blink

5 Levels of certification  

  1. Blink Student
  2. Blink Pro Artist
  3. Blink Instructor Assistant
  4. Blink Pro Tutor
  5. Blink Grandmaster

All about Brows

  • Powder Brows 
  • Nano Hair Strokes
  • Brazilian Volume

All about Lips

  • Star Lips – Baby Lips – Hydra Lips

All about Eyeliner 

  • Stardust 
  • classic eyeliner 

All About Design 

  • Eyebrow Design
  • HD Brows 
  • Brow Lamination
  • Threading 

All About Lashes

  • LVL Lash Lifting 

All about Piercing 


You will receive a Certification of Completion recognized and insurable by Make Blink Europe Training & Certificate

** Please check your local Country and State laws for all tattooing requirements and Insurance 

All our courses include a Blood Borne Pathogens Certification before working on any clients/models

Upcoming Training


2/04/2023 – 03/04/2023

Day 1 

  1. The Star Lip Technique?
  2. Visage consultation and lip Design
  3. Contraindications
  4. Advanced color theory Organic / Inorganic 
  5. Skin structure, melanin, lip anatomy, Fitzpatrick scale, and lip undertones
  6. Machines and needles configuration 
  7. Airy Contouring technique and color packing technique
  8. How to achieve retention
  9. Practice on latex skin

Day 2

  1. Mapping and Visage Design Lip Contour 
  2. Lip blush tray set up
  3. Biosecurity & blood borne pathogens
  4. Live model demonstration/practice
  5. Aftercare
  6. How to sell and market  your treatment 

Day 3

  1. Artists will be guided during every step of the process: Visage Consultation, mapping, pigment selection, treatment, explanation of aftercare & photos
  2. Model will be provided at no extra cost

The Blink Brows Foundation Course

Blink Essential Flow &  Blink Volume

You will Learn 2 Techniques for Brows with and our  Exclusive Visage Consultation Realistic nano hair strokes Realistic hair strokes flow patterns for any face shape based on the client’s characteristics because we believe that one size doesn’t fit us all!


  1. Introduction to color theory organic / Inorganic
  2. Aftercare recommendations 
  3. Top-ups/Refreshments
  4. Complications blowouts corrections 
  5. Photo editing/angles
  6. Hydra Lips
  7. Workbook
  8. Market our services
  9. 6 Months Support
  10. Premium Starter Kit to do over 100 treatments 
  11. Exclusive Marketing  Material to help you to advertise your new Make Blink treatments to your customer
  12. 3 days 10:00 – 18:00
  13. 2 Live models


  • Preparing the working area
  • Biosecurity  – infections 
  • Indications & contraindications
  • Facial Visage Shape Analysis
  • Blink Essential nano hair strokes 
  • Flow patterns & Soft Powder
  • Blade configurations 
  • Introduction to color theory organic / Inorganic
  • Three foundation flow hair stroke guidelines
  • Aftercare recommendations 
  • Top-ups/Refreshments
  • Complications blowouts corrections 


  • Detailed Visage Consultation and Anaminessis
  • Latex Skin  Practice 
  • 4 Skin Surface training
  • 2 Live Models Essential / Volume 
  • Hand shading / Machine shading introduction 
Pos graduations next courses
  • Powder Brows
  • Stardust Eyeliner 
  • Lip Blushing 
  • Medical tattooing
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