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Make Blink Academy

The Blink International School of Permanent Makeup was founded by Juliana Peixoto, The owner of Make Blink Studio, with almost two decades of experience in the beauty industry, and is one of the earliest pioneers in Natural Cosmetic tattoo techniques.

Make Blink Academy is the Complete SPMU Centre In Ireland and the first one to offer personalized courses In the SPMU Field from aesthetics to Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing with the mission to disrupt the traditional PMU learning and Beauty Industries.

We put together the best tutors and artists into the PMU Blink Society In a supportive and thriving environment that will help students move up and stand out internationally.

Make Blink stays on top of the most current trends in permanent cosmetics. Juliana believes in the importance of continuously expanding skills by researching and developing new techniques worldwide, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her students.

Make Blink follows all the rules, regulations, and code of ethics concerning the permanent makeup industry to ensure proper safety and skilled techniques are taught. In addition, we offer courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced classes providing specialized skills and techniques so you can find a method that is right for you and does not waste money on the path that’s not right for you or your level!

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