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Why Semi- Permanent Makeup?

There are a large range of problems, Permanent Makeup can overcome with Semi Permanent makeup Permanent makeup is a fast growing trend in the Beauty Industry. From being a small niche specially among celebrities, a few years ago, to a hot trend among everyone who desire to enhance their appearance or correct some skin pigment disorders. There are now in excess of hundreds of thousands of people who have already tried a treatment or two. The benefits of permanent makeup for most of us are clear: Less time spent in front of the mirror, less money spent at the cosmetics counter, and the promise of waking up fresh faced and beautiful no matter what happened the night before. It’s no wonder so many people are choosing permanent makeup to enhance and simplify their lives. As well as the general benefits all of us can expect from our treatments, did you know that cosmetic tattoos can also be used to treat and manage a whole host of personal problems too? Although by no means a medical treatment, the correct and intelligent use of tattoo eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, as well as other cosmetic treatments, can effectively hide otherwise embarrassing personal issues.

What Is Permanent Make-up, PMU, Microblading or Powder Brows?

Also known as Micropigmentation It is a cosmetic treatment to enhance the colour of skin on the face such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and eyelids and body For cosmetic or medical reasons such as alopecia totalis hair reconstruction, Eyebrows pigment implant Before chemotherapy sessions or a genetic disturbance, and to camouflage scars and white spots in the skin such as in vitiligo or hypopigmentation. It is also used to restore or enhance the breast’s areola, such as after breast surgery.

PMU – stands for Permanent Make-up,it is a general term created years ago, when It was made with tattoo Inks, but most of the modern treatments are in fact semi- permanent, It means that they will fade over time.

Microblading, Powder Brows , are styles names of Semi permanent Makeup, each professional can use different techniques to achieve different results and name them differently.

With Make Blink Exclusive techniques we implant pigment Into the basal layers of the Dermis, with hypoallergenic ink. And micro needles, with no risk of getting funky colours or scars like tradicional old treatments.

How long does permanent makeup last?

The longevity of permanent makeup is considerable. On average, one to two years but it can last for three years, depending on lifestyle, skin conditions, etc.

Is permanent makeup bad for your skin?
It can be if not performed carefully It can be causing scars or unwanted shapes, but luckily nowadays we have numerous possibilities to correct them, such as colour correction, laser, saline removal etc…
Is permanent makeup painful?
It is not painful with our techniques but It can be depending on the technique, the weight of the professional hand and pain threshold of each person, but with our treatments the majority of our customers report them as painless
What is the difference between Phi brows and Microblading?
These are technique names, Phi is related to the Phi number that uses golden ratio proportions to calculate the perfect shape for each person. Microblading describes techniques used with manual hand tools with micro blades attached to the handpiece.
Are Phi brows painful?
If performed correctly It is not Painful but for sensitive skin, can be a bit uncomfortable but not too painful.
Does Microblading ruin your natural eyebrows?
No. Definitely not, If It performed correctly, because the pigment is implanted In a shallower surface of the skin, and It can actually be good for the hair growth when the pores are blocked, as the little scratch caused by the needles remove the dead cells facilitating the way for a new hair growth, if the hair bulb still active, specially If the treatment is combined with growth serums It can actually be helpful to encourage the hair growth
Can anyone get SPMU treatments done?
Most people are suitable for semi permanent make up treatments. At Make Blink during your tailored consultation with our artists, you will be able to discuss your desires and expectations and be guided on any areas in which you wish to balance or correct. We will recommend the specific treatments we believe will achieve the effect desired and how it can be achieved.
Do eyebrows grow after Microblading?
Deftly yes, It can even encourage the hair growth if combined with growth serums
Who should not get SPMU ,Microblading Powder Brows?
Anyone who desires a fuller eyebrows look with natural techniques, with Make Blink we will tailored create a technique to match with the client style, from natural to bold style.
How much are Phi brows Ireland?
Anywhere from 200 to 800 euros depending on the location, professional experience and the type of techniques.
Can I get Lip Blushing If I have lip filler?
Yes you can, Lip filler will not interfere with the Lip Blush process or the results. But the Lip Filler and Lip Blush MUST be done at least 4 weeks apart from one another.
Are the touch ups included?
Refreshing sessions (touch up) are charged separately. We do not include that in the initial cost because it is not always necessary! In gerral two sessions are recommended to achieve better results. But If there are some external conditions, that may affect the pigment retention, such as mineral deficiency, use of some medications, skin treatments with acids etc.
Can I get lip blushing if I have dark lips?
Yes you can but the darker colour needs to be neutralized first before the colour chosen..
How will the future touch up work After 12 months?
After 9-18 months, most people are ready for a Color Refreshment. This service allows your artist to redefine and adjust the shape and boost your color.
How do I proceed If I have previous work done by another artist?
Previous work can be tricky. We need to pre evaluate the current state of the pigment and design. Previous consultation is necessary and It is considered as a new treatment for us. You will advise you the best technique for your perfect look.
Is PMU Painful?
A numbing cream is applyed to numb the area before the treatment, believed It or not our clients often fall asleep during the treatment and finf it very relaxing, just few would report a little disconfort.
How long is the appointment?
We take our time with our treatments, because we want to ensure you will have our best treatment. For eyebrows in general 2h to 2h in a half, Lips 2h to 3 hours.
Why do I need a touch up?
To Refresh and fix the initial colour, because on the first treatment we prefer to choose lighter colour to ensure we will get natural results, and It always better add pigment on the second treatment after getting known the skin properly.
Will my permanent makeup fade completely?
It Will fade completely If the technique chosen is superficial and the pigment is not permanent. Our techniques are very gentle, so if you decide to not do the treatment anymore , they will fade completely.
How long is the healing time for permanent makeup?
Eyebrows, eyeliner, scar camouflage around 28-30 days and Lips Up to 60 days.
Can I get Permanent makeup done if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
Although some medical professionals regard PMU procedures as completely safe, Make Blink simply won’t chance any potential issues by working on a soon to be, or new mommy.
Why did my brows disappear and come back?
During the initial healing process, your skin will begin to flake. Once the flakes have fallen off, an opaque layer of healing skin will completely cover your color. It may appear as though the area has completely disappeared. Within 4-8 weeks, the color will slowly reappear as your skin regenerates and the whole process lasts about 30 days.
Do men can also get Permanent makeup?
Yeah, men can definitely get Permanent makeup done and we have exclusive natural techniques for them.
Can I use lipstick after my lip blushing done
Yes you ca, but only after the lips are fully healed
Can you get lip fillers if you are prone to cold sores/ Herpes?
You can have lip fillers if you suffer from cold sores but you cannot have treatment if you have an active cold sore on the day. Most clients would benefit of a prevention treatment taking zovirax 3 days before and 3 days after the treatment, but you need to discuss It beforehand with your GP
Can you get lip Blushing if you are prone to cold sores?
Delicate and gentle machine work can reduce the risk, also please remember about right aftercare and moisturizing your lips only with cream recommended by your artist.