Semi-Permanent Make-up


Permanent eyeliner, save your time and effort on a daily basis. It can be done as an enhancement, or thicker.

Blink Smoked Eyeliner
Blink Lash Enhancement top ans bottom
Blink Lash lifiting
Blink Lash Lifting


LVL Lash Lift, Tint & Condition with Lower Lids Q10 Treatment

A lash lift and tint is the perfect treatment for anyone who wants stunning, fluttering, unforgettable lashes.

Touch Up is recommended to complete the procedure within 4 to 8 weeks (check the price list.

Some skin types would require a 3rd additional treatment due skin types or disorders , at an additional cost). After 15 months all semi permanent makeup treatments will be charged at the full treatment price with a 15% discount for returning clients.